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Pre-School Nutrition

Fuelling some of the most energetic beings on the planet is fun, and we love the challenge! A healthy balanced diet is essential to your child’s growth and development and at this stage, making sure they have the nutrition to match their desire to master the world.

Your child will continue to learn and understand about how foods help them and their bodies, helping them to make great food choices for life.  At this age your child will be a master of self-service with them creating their own portions, so they can display their appetite and tell us about their choices…with our guidance of course!


Example Daily Menu

Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Afternoon Tea
Fresh Fruit Salad Mini Banana Smoked Haddock & Spinach Pie or Sweet Potato & Spinach Bake Fruit selection Red Pepper and Pea Frittata
English Muffins with Berries Oat Muffins Little Apple and Cinnamon Swirls   Crudites of Carrots, Peppers, and Cucumber

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