Extracurricular activities is an important part of learning at Monkey Puzzle Woodford. These activities, often considered the heart and soul of the nursery experience, provide a multitude of benefits for children’s growth and development. Extracurricular activities have enormous benefits for our children and we encourage all of our children to participate

Holistic Development: Our education is encouraged to go beyond the classroom. Extracurricular activities focus on nurturing the whole child, developing their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth. These activities encourage a well-rounded approach to education, ensuring children thrive in all aspects.

Social Skills: Participating in group activities like team games, drama, or collaborative art projects enables children to develop social skills. They learn how to communicate effectively, develop positive relationships, resolve conflicts, and work as part of a team, preparing them for future relationships.

Physical Fitness: Activities such as outdoor play, yoga, or sports keep children physically active and help them understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Physical fitness is not just about exercise; it’s about instilling lifelong habits that lead to a healthier adulthood.

Creativity and Expression: Art, music, and storytelling activities allow children to explore their creativity and self-expression. These outlets encourage them to think outside the box, express their emotions, and develop their imaginations.

Cultural Awareness: We celebrate the diverse cultures and backgrounds that make up the UK. Activities involving various traditions, languages, and global perspectives expose children to human experiences, fostering empathy and a broader worldview.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Building: Building confidence in children gives them the tools to try new experiences and challenges.  These opportunities provide the cultural capital to enable children to learn about themselves and decide what they enjoy. These are the foundations for skills that will be used in and throughout adult life and so are a valuable investment for the future.

Petite Productions

At Monkey Puzzle Woodford, we are partnered with Petite Productions who help to provide our extra-curricular activities. Based around musical theatre classes aimed at Early Years children, Petite Productions provides incredible activities that encourage our children to sing, dance and perform to their hearts content.

Introducing children to interactive and bright props like parachutes, shakers and simple instruments, they grab the attention of the children and create amazing excitment and movement during their sessions. All of the sessions are based around a theme and build imagination and creativity whilst taking the children on an amazing adventure. We don’t want our parents and families to miss out so they’re encouraged to join in to with some amazing stay and play classes!

Petite Productions performing arts extracurricular activities