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Children need to know that there is someone who cares greatly for them and will keep them warm and dry, safe and that will feed them when they are hungry. Someone who can help them when they are scared, upset or uncomfortable. Somewhere they can have the security of some routine and predictability. At our nurseries, your child will benefit from a whole team of caring passionate staff with the benefit of their very own Key Person who works closely with you to provide the very best care for your child just as you would provide yourself.

With Tweenies and Toddlers growing independence, at times their desire to play and move is greater than their sense of wellbeing.  With a high level of adult interaction we are close enough to support your child, ensuring they are comfortable and healthy.  Your Tweenies and Toddlers day will include:

  • Regular nappy changes, and support to become toilet confident
  • Essential sleep and rest, often after a full belly. We have space for those children that need a sleep and space for those still full of energy and curiosity
  • Continuously observing their needs, supporting with wiping of noses and cleaning of hands, making sure they are as comfortable as possible to have as much fun as possible

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